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Retail Case Study


The initial conversation with the prospective client provided us with important details of their current situation.

  • Working without representation
  • Unclear understanding of Minneapolis neighborhoods
  • Scrambling to understand market dynamics (rents, demographics, lease terms)

The founders were living in Chicago at the time we initially spoke and were interested in identifying options for their first storefront. Not fully confident about the options they were looking at they exclusively engaged us to help them with their site selection analysis,lease negotiations, and advisory services.

We identified, negotiated, and secured a lease with the owners of a small retail building in South Minneapolis’ Kingfield neighborhood. The building was located on an important corridor that links Interstate 35 exits (both North/South) with primary neighborhood streets (46th, Nicollet, and Lyndale). The site and area demographics provided strong retail characteristics and the visibility, walkability, and retail services that would compliment the owner’s desire to become the go-to neighborhood Patisserie.

Since opening their doors they haven’t looked back, realizing their dream of becoming a warm and welcoming spot for people in the neighborhood.

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